सुगौली सन्धि र अन्य कागतपत्रहरू- ३

TRANSLATION of an ENGAGEMENT under the Red Seal, in the form of a letter, from MAHARAJAH of NIPAL to RESIDENT,– dated 6th November 1839.

According to your (Resident’s) request and for the purpose of perpetuating the friendship of the two States as well as to promote the effectual discharge of current business, the following items are fixed:-

1st. All secret intrigues whatever, by messengers or letters, shall totally cease.

2nd. The Nipal Government engages to have no further intercourse with the dependent allies of the Company beyond the Ganges, who are by Treaty precluded from such intercourse, except with the Resident’s sanction and under his passports.

3rd.With the Zamindars and baboos on this side of the Ganges who are connected by marriage with the Royal family of Nipal, intercourse of letter and persons shall remain open to the Nipal Government as heretofore.

4th.It is agreed to as a rule for the guidance of both Sircars, that in judicial matters where civil causes arise there they shall be heard and decided; and the Nipal Government engages that for the future British subjects shall not be compelled to plead in the Court of Nipal to civil actions, having exclusive reference to their dealings in the plains.

5th. The Nipal Government engages that British subjects shall hereafter be regarded as her own subjects in regard to access to the Courts of Law, and that the causes of the former shall be heard and decided without denial or delay, according to the usages of Nipal.

6th. The Nipal Government engages that an authentic statement of all the duties leviable in Nipal shall be delivered to the Resident, and that hereafter unauthorised imposts not entered in this list shall not be levied on British subjects.

TRANSLATION of an ICKRAR NAMEH signed by the GOOROOS, CHOUNTRAS, CHIEFS, etc., etc., of Nipal, dated Saturday, Poos Soodi 9th, 1897, or 2nd January 1841.

We the undersigned GOOROOS, Chountras, Chiefs, etc., etc., of Nipal, fully agree to uphold the sentiments as written below, viz.:-

That it is most desirable and proper that a firm and steady friendship should exist and be daily increased between the British and Nipal Governments; that to this end every means should be taken to increase the friendly ralations with the Company, and the welfare of the Nipal Government; that the Resident should ever and always be treated in an honourable and friendly manner; that if, nevertheless, any unforeseen circumstance or unjust or senseless proceeding should at any time arise to shake the friendly understanding which outh to exist between the two Sirkaras, or to cause uproar and mischief at Kathmandu, we should be responsible for it.

Signed by 94 Chiefs.



Treaty between the Honourable East India Company and His Highness Maharajah DherajSoorinder Vikram SahBahadoorShumshere Jung, Rajah of Nipal, settle and concluded on the one part by Major George Ramsay, Resident at the Court of His Highness, by virtue of full powers to that effect vested in him by the Most Noble James Andrew, Marquis of Dalhousie, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, one of Her Majesty’s Most Honorouble Privy Council and Governer General appointed by the Honourable Company to direct and control all their affairs in the East Indies, and on the other part by General Jung BahadoorKoonwarRanajee, Prime Minster of Nipal, in the name and on behalf of Maharajah DherajSoorinder Vikram SahbahadoorSumshere Jung, Rajah of Nipal, in virtue of the powers to that effect vested in him by the said Rajah of Nipal.


The two Governments hereby agree to act upon a system of strict reciprocity.


Neither Government shall be bound in any case to surrender any person not being a subject of the Government making the requisition.


Neither Government shall be bound to deliver up debtors, or civil offenders or any person charged with any offence no specified in Article 4.


Subject to the above limitations, any person who shall be charged with having committed, within the territories of the Government making the requisition, any of the undermentioned offences, and who shall be found within the territoriesof the other, shall be surrendered; the offences are murder, attempt to murder, rape, maiming, thugee, dacoity, high-way rubbery, poisoning, burglary, and arson.


In no case shall either Government be bound to surrender any person accused of an offence, except upon requisition duly made by, or by the authority of, the Government within whose territories the offence shall be charged to have been committed, and also upon such evidence of criminality, as according to the laws of the country in which the person accused shall be found, would justify his apprehension, and sustain the charge if the offence had been there committed.


If any person attached to the British Residency, or living within the Residency boundaries, not being a subject of the Nipalese Government, commit in any part of the Nipalese territories, beyond the Residency boundaries, an offence which would render him liable to punishment by the Nepalese Courts, he shall be apprehended and made over to the British Resident for trial and punishment; but subjects of the Nipal State under similar circumstances are not to be given up by the Nipalese Government for punishment. Should any Hindoostanee Merchants, or other subjects of the Honourable Company, not attached to the British Residency, who may be living within the Nipal territories, commit any crimes beyond the Residency boundaries, whereby they may render themselves liable to punishment by the Nepalese Courts, and take refuse within the limits of the Residency, they shall not be allowed an asylum but will be given up to the Nipal Government for trial and punishment.


The expenses of any apprehension, detention, or surrender made in virtue of the foregoing stipulations, shall be borne and defrayed by the Government making the requisition.


The above Treaty shall continue in force until either one or the other of the High Contracting Parties shall give notice to the other of its wish to terminate it, and no longer.


Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to affect any Treaty now existing between the High Contracting Parties, except so far as any such Treaty may be repugnant hereto.

This Treaty, consisting of nine Articles, being this day concluded and settled by Major George Ramsay, on behalf of the HonourableEsat India Company with Maharajah DherajSoorinder Vikram SahBahadoorShumshere Jung, Major Ramsay has delivered one version thereof in English, Purbutteah and Oordoo, signed and sealed by himself, to the Maharajah, who on his part, has also delivered one copy of the same to the Major Ramsay, duly executed by His Highness, and Major Ramsay hereby engages to deliver a copy of the same to His Highness the Maharaj, duly ratified by the Governor-General in Council, within sixty day from this date.

Signed, sealed and exchanged at Kathmandu, Nipal, this Tenth day of February A. D., one Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-five corresponding to the Eighth-day of Falgoon, Sumbat Nineteen Hundred and Eleven.

  1. RAMSAY, Major,

Resident at the Court of Nipal.

  1. DORIN.
  2. P. GRANT.

Ratified by the Honourable the President of the Council of India in Council, at Fort William in Bengal, this twenty-third day of February,One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-five.


Secretary to the Government of India.

(बाँकी अर्को पटक)

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